Application Of CI-AF Series CAN Bus To Optical Fiber in Lida Fire Alarm Host Networking

The project has 10 residential buildings, more than 1230 residential households, with a total construction area of 118450 square meter . A total of 10 Lida jb-qb / ld128e host signals are transmitted to the central machine room. Shielded cables are used for CAN bus communication between the three buildings close to the central machine room. The 7 hosts far away from the central machine room have large on-site interference and can not be transmitted at a long distance. Optical fiber communication is used for point-to-point transmission, The data is transmitted to the central computer room. After multi-directional sample measurement and commissioning, the project party finally selects CI-AF110 CAN bus optical transceiver to optical fiber for network connection, which solves the problems of distance, interference and lightning stroke.

System requirements:
The system host adopts Lida JB-QB/LD128E alarm host. An alarm host is set in each residential building to collect the data of smoke detector, alarm bell, audible and visual alarm and other equipment to the alarm host of the building, and then the alarm host transmits the data back to the central computer room. The personnel on duty in the computer room monitor the safety status of the whole community.
The alarm host and the central machine room adopt can bus communication. Affected by interference, due to the limited transmission distance, 7 residential buildings at the far end and the central machine room adopt optical fiber transmission. The central machine room connects seven groups of data from CI-AF110 in parallel to the alarm host for real-time monitoring (see figure below)

Product function introduction:
*Support CAN industrial control fieldbus protocol. The communication rate is 0 ~ 500K, self negotiation
*The electrical interface has 1500V voltage isolation and 600W surge protection function
*Single optical port / double optical port chain network support
*It adopts DC 9-30v wide power input, dual power redundancy, DC 1000V power isolation and reverse connection protection
*Provide relay output optical fiber link and power failure alarm
*Corrugated aluminum reinforced casing, IP30 protection grade, using standard industrial 35mm guide rail installation
The system adopts CI-AF110-S for optical fiber transmission, which solves the problems of on-site electromagnetic interference, ground ring interference and lightning damage, greatly improves the reliability, stability and confidentiality of control signal, and solves the problem of short transmission distance. Shenzhen Comark  provides cost-effective products, which is the best choice to replace similar products.