Application Of Industrial Ethernet Switch in Data Acquisition And Monitoring Control System

The petroleum transportation and chemical industry have to face the extremely harsh working environment, which requires the stability and durability of the intelligent monitoring system. Ethernet industrial switch can work stably in the harsh extreme cold and hot industrial environment, provide multi node data acquisition and processing, and provide reliable products and solutions for industrial field communication.

Petrochemical refinery SCADA system, namely data acquisition and monitoring control system. SCADA system is a computer-based DCS and power automation monitoring system; It is widely used in many fields, such as metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, gas and so on.
CRS7228 Gigabit Network Management Industrial Ethernet switch is selected as the core layer of the system, and C6062 network management rail type industrial Ethernet switch is used to connect each node of petrochemical refinery. When any one of the optical fiber channels in the ring network fails, the communication of the whole ring network will not be affected, so as to ensure smooth communication.
System structure diagram