CC-Link field bus fiber optic converter in the application of tunnel excavating equipment

Aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, such as “airborne equipment” is well known to the requirement of automatic control system, and to all of the requirements of automatic control system of tunnel excavating equipment is strange, as the saying goes, "Heaven into the earth", tunneling equipment is a special kind of "digging" equipment, tunneling equipment automation control compared with other industry has technical difficulty, poor working conditions, system communication failures caused by hazards can spread to the characteristics of the ground buildings, many engineering examples in tunnel excavation equipment automatic control system for any small fault can be magnified for a big accident, thus the automatic control system communication of tunneling equipment plays a virtual role.

Tunneling equipment is a kind of vibration mobile device, it will produce high temperature, high humidity, high dust, high electromagnetic interference when the equipment is working, almost all the adverse to the automatic control system of the working conditions are present in the tunnel excavation equipment, many vendors automation components in tunneling equipment application is more or less happened misoperation, Shenzhen Comark Technology Co., Ltd Ci-SF110/120 series CC-Link field bus fiber optic converter play a important role in the tunneling equipment. There is no caused by communication misoperation up two years, The recent application cases are the Nanjingmetro line and Dongguan R2 of tunnel excavating tunnel construction equipment.

1. Communication network structure:
CC - Link communication network structure as shown in the figure below:

the master PLC for CC-Link network control PLC, and PLC 1 #, 2 #, 3 # PLC hung on CC - Link tunnel excavating equipment area distribution and control system, the basic control tasks to undertake the tunneling equipment; PLC PLC 4 #, 5 #, 6 # PLC is an extension of the tunneling equipment automatic control system part can independently run the single equipment control tasks, they hang up the CC - Link communication network according to need. The specific network is shown as follows:

(Figure 1)

2. Ci-SF110/120 application in CC-Link can solve technical problems:

  • Solved two major technical challenges, one is high electromagnetic interference resistance, the second is remote communication. T
  • Solved high electromagnetic interference resistance, and improve the PLC system in high temperature, high humidity and dust with reliability under the condition of vibration.
  • Deal with remote communication, improve PLC system availability and maintainability.
  • Ci - SF110/120 optical fiber communication network with strong anti-electromagnetism interference, good electromagnetic compatibility, suitable for high electromagnetic interference tunneling equipment in use.

Ci-SF110/120 main features:

  • Standard bus cc-link electrical interface, strong compatibility;
  • Support point to point, chain nets or star optical fiber network;
  • 0-20 km distance of optical fiber transmission distance (more optional);
  • Six double color LED status indicator lights, fiber optic link and power failure alarm relay output.

4000 v electric interface of lightning protection, over current with 1.5 A, 600 w surge protection. Industrial design, EMC test, CE and RoHS certification.

  • DC9-36V redundancy double power, wide DC1500V power isolation, reverse connection protection.
  • IP30 protection grade, wavy lines aluminum strengthen casing, with industrial standard 35 mm DIN RAIL installation.


Shenzhen Comark Technology Co., Ltd as a professional supplier of industrial communication solutions, analysis the tunnel excavating equipment route of transmission of electromagnetic interference and harassment types, suit the remedy to take the optical fiber as transmission medium, provide Ci-SF110/120 series 120 CC-Link bus fiber optic converters and effective to solve the question of high electromagnetic interference and the near of the communication distance, ensure the normal order of the CC - Link communication and the normal work of the PLC system. Highly cost-effective products is the best option, to replace imported similar products. Shenzhen Comark Technology Co., Ltd as your trust industrial communications solutions preferred partner.