Industrial Ethernet applications in highway tunnel monitoring system


Road tunnel unlike railway tunnel, traffic guidance safe, humane lighting, ventilation, its need a set of reasonable and thorough emergency rescue solutions. With the rapid development of China's economy in recent years, traffic volume is the fast increase of vehicles passing through the tunnel, or if more intensive driving slowly, it will cause an increase in pollutants (eg CO), the decline in visibility. Highway tunnel in the whole road construction is a special segment, because of the small space tunnel, closed strong, the event of fire, accidents, traffic jams. The tunnel will occur rapidly deteriorating environment, directly affect the health and safety of passengers, so the tunnel monitoring communications system playing a higher requirements role in the highway construction.

System description:
Tunnel monitoring can be divided into the various several subsystems: a central control system, traffic monitoring systems, CCTV systems, emergency telephone system, public address system, fire alarm systems, environmental monitoring systems. The specific has the following characteristics:
Compared with the general highway road which have good linear, heavy traffic, driving high speed and other characteristics, highway tunnel as the throat area of highway network, if don’t use the advanced monitoring and management measures in traffic volume, adverse weather conditions, prone to accidents and traffic jams. For the monitoring program to be considered a major highway tunnel import of the tunnel, the middle section, real-time images of the situation at the exit, traffic volume and flow detection in tunnels, ventilation equipment working state detection, electrical equipment parameter detection and traffic monitoring, control and induction, etc. link; monitoring system can be divided into: lighting, ventilation, CCTV, fire alarm, emergency telephones, computer control, environmental monitoring, traffic control, and variable information panels and other nine subsystems.

Topology applications:

The system uses Shenzhen Comark industrial fiber-optic network solution to ensure stable and reliable operation of each system, such as intelligence operation control board, phone alarm, linkage control, freedom of reporting. The long-term stable operation of the fiber optic system in Guangxi Wuzhou Expressway Chazijiao tunnel, which is Shenzhen Comark since the Gansu Tianding high-speed tunnel monitoring system, set another major success tunnel monitoring cases.