Monitoring And Alarm Case Of Comprehensive Pipe Rack Of Bypass Industrial Ethernet Switch

Solution overview:
The monitoring and alarm system of underground comprehensive pipe gallery is the super artery of the city. It will bring vitality to the city from inside to outside. The problems of insufficient construction scale and low management level of underground pipelines are becoming increasingly prominent. In some cities, heavy rain and waterlogging, pipeline leakage and explosion, road collapse and theft of facilities have seriously affected people's property and urban operation order

The monitoring and alarm system of underground comprehensive pipe gallery is an underground enclosed space. In case of fire, it will quickly consume the oxygen in the pipe gallery and produce a large number of harmful gases. When the concentration of methane, carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases reaches a certain concentration, it can also cause explosion. What's more, in case of disaster, the internal environment of the pipe gallery is bad, and the emergency repair is very difficult, which will also cause personal safety to the emergency repair personnel.
The monitoring and alarm system and operation and maintenance management system of the underground integrated pipe gallery are designed based on the engineering technical specifications of the monitoring and alarm system of the underground integrated pipe gallery. The bypass Industrial Ethernet switch system adopts the Internet of things architecture and modular design to meet the requirements of phased construction and technical transformation, and can carry out on-line monitoring of facility operation, real-time environment, entrances and exits in the integrated pipe gallery, Bypass industrial switch realizes the intellectualization and automation of monitoring, operation and maintenance of the integrated pipe gallery, and ensures the safety of the environment, equipment and operation and maintenance personnel in the pipe gallery.
Case characteristics of Bypass Industrial Ethernet switch:
High reliability, industrial grade IV standard design, ensuring stable and reliable application of pipe gallery network.
The private ring network protocol is adopted, and the self-healing recovery time of ck-ring ring ring network protection is less than 20ms.
High backplane bandwidth and large capacity cache ensure fast forwarding of video services
Adapt to the harsh environment on site, low temperature of - 40 鈩 , high temperature of + 85 鈩  and high humidity of 5% ~ 95%;
Industrial Ethernet switch has good resistance to high and low temperature, dust, moisture and corrosion. The equipment is installed with unattended pipe rack, which has high stability to ensure that the equipment will not be damaged by illegal intrusion and data.