Network Monitoring System Of Mine Site

Solution overview
The environment of the mine site is worse than that of the ordinary environment, and the vibration, humidity and temperature are worse than that of the ordinary environment. The industrial Ethernet switch series of Comark Technology is suitable for use in the harsh environment. The industrial Ethernet switch series supports the ring network fault alarm, link fault alarm, port fault alarm, power failure alarm and other functions, Redundant dual DC power input.

Solution features
Monitoring location requirements:
1) Monitoring points that must be installed: Main wellhead, auxiliary wellhead, underground Electromechanical chamber, digging face, lower exit of mining face, bottom yard, monitoring room and height room;
2) Other places to be installed: according to the needs of the mine, combined with the mine's own management requirements, the installation location is decided by the mine itself, and the installation quantity is decided by each mining area according to the actual field survey.

Network topology

Selection of industrial switch:
It can adapt to - 40 °C low temperature, + 85 °C high temperature, 5% ~95% high humidity environment;
IP40 high level protection, no fan design, effective dust and moisture;
Using private ring protocol, the self-healing recovery time of ck-ring ring protection is less than 20ms;
It has good high and low temperature resistance, dust and moisture resistance, anti-corrosion, anti vibration.
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