provide solutions for wind power converter manufacturers

Construction of wind power systems are usually in harsh environments, and the distance between the various systems are often the last kilometers. In addition, there are between these wind towers with power disturbances, so the system's interference and reliability have higher requirements, so as to ensure stable operation of the network, the data transmitted properly.

In the field of wind power, the main control system is called the brain of wind power systems, it direct impact on the stability and speed of response plays an important role. Currently in the market, master system using PROFIBUS communication is more, such as Beckhoff main control system. a large of converter manufacturers, PROFIBUS bus communication interference problem at the scene has plagued users all the time.

For this reason, most users changing PROFIBUS bus electric cable to optical fiber as a transmission medium. And the communication is more stable, reliable and high-speed with long-distance and exchange the data between stations in a real time. But users face brutal competition in the market, this solution for users of optical fiber communication hardware costs also must be considered, the price of imported products high, long lead times and a series of new problems arise, Shenzhen's Comark proposed Ci-PF110 / 120 series Optical bus data converter manufacturers to make all-round cooperation, the PROFIBUS bus in the country to achieve local service and technical support, it is really solve a series of problems in the system.

This alternative solutions after thousands practical application for many years, and got praised from users! The solutions for converter manufacturers and control systems integration partners bring a big profit growth point, for the fierce competition in the market, to get more self-control projects and create greater value for the enterprise today. For more cooperation with our company, please contact

Application of network topology

 Figure 1 with PROFIBUS wind power converter with the master

System Features
The program uses Shenzhen Comark Ci-PF110/120 series bus fiber optic repeater and CK-IF620 industrial Ethernet switches, industrial standards designed to ensure the PROFIBUS and Ethernet network stability and reliability.
Main features:

* Product comply with Profibus-DP bus standard, link rate adaptation, while supporting 9.6kBit/s, 19.2kBit/s, 45.45kBit/s, 93.75kBit/s, 187.5kBit/s, 500kBit/s, 1.5MBit/s, 3MBit/s, 6MBit/s, 12Mbit/s (optional).

* Multimode fiber 2km, single-mode fiber 60km, effectively extending the transmission distance.

* DIN35 industrial rail design, metal aluminum housing, IP30 protection class, point to point, chain topology.