Application Of PROFIBUS Optical Fiber Repeater in FCS Technology Control

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Update time : 2020-11-18 09:23:00
How to closely combine fieldbus technology with DCS control system and give full play to its advantages in traditional automation control projects has attracted users and system integrators, which is taken as a concrete embodiment of system competitiveness. The combination scheme of PROFIBUS optical fiber repeater and DCS system has been well explained in engineering application for its flexibility, economy and technical stability.
The traditional field level and workshop level control systems:
1. The ability of information integration is not strong;
2. The system is not open and has poor integration;
3. Reliability is not easy to guarantee;
4. Low maintainability
With the development of science and technology, the process of industrial technology control system puts forward higher requirements for field signal acquisition, transmission and data conversion. With the rapid development of digital communication technology, network technology and microprocessor technology, it is possible to turn the traditional system of mixed digital signal and analog signal into an all digital signal system. The control system (FCS) based on fieldbus technology is produced under this background and has become a hot spot in the field of process control.
Solution introduction
Field level and workshop level control system of Fieldbus:
1. Field level information integration capability is added: fieldbus is a digital communication network to realize field layer equipment data collection, equipment status fault and parameter information transmission.
2. Openness, interchangeability and integration: realize the unified use of product bus standards of different manufacturers, with interchangeability and good integration.
3. The system has high reliability and good maintainability: the system adopts bus connection instead of one-to-one I\O connection, which reduces the unreliable factors caused by connection points. It can realize the parameterization of remote parameter setting and modification of field equipment, and also increase the maintainability of the system.
4. Reduce system and engineering costs: for large-scale and large-scale I\O distributed systems, a large number of cables, I\O modules and cable laying engineering costs are saved, and the system and engineering costs are reduced.