Profibus DP Redundant Link Module

3 Profibus ports
Converts non-redundant Profibus line to two redundant lines
DIP switches for setting communication rate
Relay alarm output for fieldbus port error
Dual redundant power input with high voltage isolation
IP40 protection rating, Metal case, 35mm DIN-Rail Mounting
Support -40~75°C wide operating temperature range
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Overview of Profibus DP Redundant Link Module

This series is designed for industrial grade Link Redundant Module which support Profibus DP protocol. The Link Redundant Module realizes the mutual conversion between single bus (M port) and dual redundant bus (A, B port), either converting the single cable bus  to a redundant Profibus DP bus, or the redundant Profibus DP bus to a single cable bus. The data received from the M port is broadcast to the A, B port, but the A or B port data is forwarded to the M port in the first selection principle. It establish a working path at any time and monitoring the state of communication equipments in real-time. When the receiver port detects a bus fault, it will automatically switch to the redundant port. 
The field devices can be directly placed after the Profibus DP master, the single cable bus into a redundant bus. The field devices can also be placed on the slave bus to convert the redundant bus to non-redundant cable.
The product is Industrial grad designed, Casing: IP40 protection, wave grain aluminum reinforce case option, DIN rail mounting, DC (9~36V) power input, support Fieldbus ports error Relay alarm output, dual redundant power input and isolation protection. -40~75°C Operating Temperature, can meet various Industrial situation.

Specifications of Profibus DP Redundant Link Module

Serial Port Interface type: Type D-SUB 9 Pins
Conform to Profibus DP protocol standard

Baud Rates: 9.6Kbps/19.2 Kbps/45.45Kbps/93.75Kbps/187.5Kbps/500Kbps/1.5Mbps/6Mbps/12Mbps
Signal Delay (electrical interface):  ≤ 4Bit
Isolated voltage 1KV, 4KV Anti-thunder protection
Without terminal resistor, connect external when necessary
Power Supply
      DC (9~36V) dual redundant power input
      Industrial standard voltage DC 24V, Consumption is less than 4W
      DC 1500V voltage isolation and reverse connect protection
    5.08mm pitch terminal blocks
      Relay: Fieldbus ports error Relay alarm output

    Contact rating: 1A @24V DC, Industrial Terminal port
      Dimensions (H×D×W): 136mm×104.8mm×52.8mm

      Weight: 800g

      Casing: IP40 protection, wave grain aluminum reinforce case option

      Installation: Wall mounting or DIN rail mounting


      Operating Temperature:-40℃~75℃(-40℃~85℃ optional)

      Storage Temperature: -40℃~85℃

      Ambient Relative Humidity: 5%~95%(non-condensing)


    IEC61000-4-2 (ESD): Power ±2KV Contact, ±15KV Air
      Relay ±2KV Contact, ±15KV Air; Data Cable ±15KV Air
      IEC61000-4-4 (EFT):Power ±4KV, Data Cable ±4KV
      IEC61000-4-5 (Surge):Power ±2KV CM/ ±1KV DM, Relay±2KV CM/ ±1KV DM
      IEC60068-2-27 (Shock)
      IEC60068-2-32 (Free Fall)
      IEC61000-6-2 (General Industrial Standard)
Warranty 5 years

Models of RS-485 Bus Link Redundant Module

Available Models



Profibus bus link redundancy module, 1 M port (DP3), 2 redundant bus A (DP1), B (DP2) port

DIP switch setting rate or rate adaptive option





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